Ce poate insemna poezia azi

Un interviu dat de Radu Vancu , postat pe blogul sau biographia literaria

Dintr-un scurt interviu dat prietenilor de la „Literature Across Frontiers”:

When you introduced the poem in Istanbul you stated your aims to be nothing more than a ‘domestic poet’. ‘Domestic’ is often said to mean stuck at home, unambitious or unworldly, but there is nothing boring or narrow-minded about the poem, in fact you seem to take on the world and questions of life and death. Does ‘domestic’ for you mean dealing with relationships and family? Could you perhaps elaborate on these poetics – why do you seek to write about your family relationships first and foremost?

Without any prior intention, my books have finally proven to be about the people I love – my wife, my suicidal father, my son. Even my doctoral paper dealt with a very good friend of mine, Mircea Ivănescu, who happened of course to be a great poet. I found it difficult to understand why my poetry was so domestic, but I finally understood that it all came from the extremely demanding task I demanded to poetry – which was, and still is, to make the poet a better man.
As we all know, Romantic poets believed that poetry was a sort of magic actionism which could help one modify the world by controlling time, space, and causality. A lesser Romantic myself, I don’t believe that poetry can change the world, but I still think it can change the poet as a person. (And, if good enough, the reader. Not if only poetry is good enough, but if the reader is also good enough.) This is my personal, domestic magic actionism – poetry must make you a better person for the people you love. Which, of course, implies dealing with the main questions regarding their life and death – which are, actually, the main questions on this world. So, you see, being a committed domestic poet comes to deal with the toughest things on Earth.

L-am postat pentru un fragment foarte tare, cel subliniat de mine

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